Travelogue performance art.

Premiered: 1999
Revival: 2005

IMG_6884“The true adventures of a white kid from Queens on the dark continent”. This autobiographical narrative featured many stories, exotic music & footage from remote villages in Ghana.

Hozho- walking on the moon

Hozho is my exploration of the contrast between the world as it is and as it could be. Named after the Navajo (Dine) word for beauty, oneness & balance.

The individual pieces within the performance are in dialectic each speaking to each other. The world premier was in April of 2009 and since then it has been performed in performance spaces, theatres, schools, churches and with great honor on the Navajo nation itself in July 2010.


Hozho is available for performance at any time in any setting: Email:


IMG_6831_2Year: 2000 Performance art piece depicting our times as being “in between”. Combining stories, poems, music, film, dramatic & comic monologues & even cheerleaders, the overall effect  is breaking down & breaking through.

Home: another African Odyssey

THE WORLD PREMIER Friday Oct. 6, 2007  8pm @ the vault performance underground



In 1991 zero gravity made a trip to remote vollages in northern Ghana. This experience; recounted in his performance piece “African odyssey”  would change the whole trajectory of his life.

Sixteen years later he returns to the dark continent, this time to the refugee camps of northern Uganda. Home is about this journey to a place few have ever seen. The performance is a combination of storytelling, travelogue, meditation & celebration.


shapeimage_1Written, directed and performed by zero gravity.

also featuring performances by: Afrikanamadonna    Eman Rimawi    Jeffrey Chiu Frank Sinatra HS poets World premier:  December 1 & 2, 2006

comedy, poetry, satire, stories, video, photography, music, spoken word

The name of the show comes from the name given to small family owned convenience stores found throughout Nicaragua, Bolivia & perhaps other Latin American countries.

Program: Urkupina Parade- Cochabamba Bolivia Prelude:The World I Know Preamble Donuts Rosemary Footnotes Q.V. From Under Golden Arches Counting Carbs She’s a Rainbow Terra Infirma Cafe Some People Choco Miss Elizabeth Lets Talk About Happy Birthday Channeling Spalding Gray Copla de la Muerte First & Last( the Food Chain)

World Tour March 17 2007- The Vault, Queens Village, NYC

A Number with Wings

IMG_6882This show was not about 9-11, but a response to it. It was an exploration of the issues & opportunities it raised for us individually & collectively.

“A number with wings” asked “what if you really believed anything is possible?” The pieces were divided into 2 sections: first “the Program” & then “the possibilities”.

This show was performed at the Magic Theater in San Francisco, The Orange Bear in Manhattan (around the corner from Ground Zero), & The Vault in Queens NYC.

Full of Grace


Full of Grace is an exploration of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Beginning in the 1500’s thru the modern era, Full of Grace is the compelling story of some of the most unexplained phenomena in the history of the world. Follow the chronicles of the mysterious events, the outrageous manipulations of physical reality, the prophetic messages given to save humanity from great suffering. Believers & skeptics welcome.

Apocalypse Hotel

Apocalypse Hotel


Is it the end of the world as we know it?    What comes next?

Performance artist Zero Gravity explores the possibilities in his show “Apocalypse Hotel”, a gathering place for the ending of an age. The hotel is populated with a cast of characters living out the questions and challenges, and exploring the opportunities of an apocalyptic era.

Apocalypse Hotel is Zero Gravity’s most ambitious and unforgettable work yet. His unique mix of stories, poems, satire, dramatic and comedic monologues, music, original film, photography, and audience interaction continues in Apocalypse Hotel and expands further with the addition of dance, stand-up comedy, & obscure films.

This is a performance like no other you have ever experienced before or ever will again.
Check in is 8 p.m. Saturday November 10,  2012
Chaminade Amphitheater
311 Jericho Tpke. Mineola NY 11501

Apocalypse Hotel will be performed this one night only.
The event is a benefit for Hope for the Children Foundation ($10.00 recommended donation) There will also be items for sale to benefit the children.

Reservations are not necessary, but recommended. There will be special preferred seating for those who have reserved.
Reserve: Ph: 718-479-2594 | Email | Facebook

Donations of $20.00 or more receive a  commemorative program which will include photos and behind the scenes info about the show.

Youtube Video:


Coming soon:

  • The Beat Goes On
  • Footnotes