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The Civilization of Love Website
The Civilization of Love is an international movement, transcending countries, religions, and philosophies, mobilizing humanity to transform institutions and society, building a global civilization of love.



It’s a Thin Line   2005

A collection of 2 word contrasts



Meditation book (2006)

These limited edition books are done in a style that I found in Buddhist temples in Cambodia, used by monks opening to a page & meditating on its contents. Contains original insights.

The Civilization of Love Book - Tony Bellizzi

The Civilization of Love lays out Tony’s bold vision for a profoundly different future. He presents the case for urgent change in order to build a more humane way of living together on this planet. This book includes the principles of and practices within a Civilization of Love. In this urgent plea Tony is not naively dreaming, he is realistically anticipating and addressing the challenges of radical change.
Also available in Spanish: (“La Civilizacion de Amor”)

Spiritual Writings



Limbo (1999)
Chapbook released with show of same name.
Features several pieces from the show including

  • making movies
  • The old squeeze play
  • The knife
  • The twilight
  • Windows
  • Stories from the limbo diner
  • Law & order
  • And then what?
  • Just a trip
  • Beyond the dream state
  • Trophies
  • Anawim
  • No more


a number with wings (2002)

Chapbook released  to coincide with show of same name featuring poetry from the show including:

  • For sale
  • No more
  • God’s special little creature
  • They wait
  • Mrs. Murph
  • 36,000
  • Even if my life depended on it
  • I’m just a man
  • Repeat
  • People who have saved my life



Notes from the first half century (2004)

This retrospective is a collection of records of adventures, photos, & lists of favorites in the arts & artists (included in faves section of this website), and poetry including:

  • Cost
  • In God’s dreaming
  • Before you always
  • Footnotes QV
  • Mother
  • Repeat
  • Who told her?
  • Return
  • They’re not going to stop
  • Transcendence
  • Foreverwind
  • From under golden arches
  • Just tell me
  • And this



heavy thoughts by Zero Gravity

A goof collection of insane stream of consciousness work in 2004 calendar form.


some people
a 365 course meal”

tasty collection of observations of human beings; coupled with photos taken from world tours.


2011 Calendar
“Burning Questions”

A collection of interesting & challenging things to think about.