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Animal Factory (people with too much time on their hands)

Cow photos from front lawn of children’s hospital in downtown Lima Peru.

Horse photos were taken at 2 locations on Long Island.

Salt  Mine- Poland

Photos taken in a subterranean salt mine in Poland.

Urkupina parade

Bolivia hosts one of the world’s most outrageous parades.

Held every August , just outside Cochabamba, The Urkupina festival honors the Virgin Mary. There is a parade that lasts all day, for 2 days featuring countless bands and dancing groups. The costumes are colorful and exotic, the live traditional music has great energy and the connection between people & the stands and those in the parade is exhilarating. This is a small taste of the experience.


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Children of HFC
  • Nicaragua
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  • Vault restroom collage
  • Gabriel’s secret world in basement
  • Vault angel garden landscape



  • Romeroa young Navajo boy playing.
  • Rosemary – a little Peruvian girl with cancer forgets her troubles making faces for the camera & attempting to blow her first bubbles.
  • ChocoA young man from Bolivia tenderly sings sentimental ballads from his land.
  • Bat bridge The mass exodus of bats at dusk out from under a bridge in downtown Austin Kingdoms rise and fall footage of the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
  • Singing in my sleep – Navajo children display the lyrics to this song by The Chills.
  • Bolivia parade Scenes from the annual Urkopina parade & festival in Cochabamba Bolivia.